Have you…?

Been showing up for work…but leaving your heart someplace else?

You’re smart and talented.  You’re well-liked, with great people skills.  You may have even excelled at any job you’ve undertaken.

But by nature, you’re a little unconventional.  Your spirit cringes at repetition.  You’re too multidimensional to fit into a cube.

You’re entrepreneurial.  And now, you’ve reached a point where you’re tired of making too much money…for someone else.


Been going home from work…wishing you could make money from your passions?

You know, deep inside you, that there’s something for which you’ve been uniquely designed. You just wonder how you can figure out what it is.

You’re paralyzed from having so many interests–and then depressed that you can’t pursue them all.

You’d like to make some extra money on your own terms.

You wonder how to find the exit ramp that leads to the road less traveled.


Been hoping you could find a guide…someone who’s wrestled your same demons?  

If you can relate to any of this, I’m here to help. I’ve truly had a roller-coaster career path.  I not only owned a small business for 25 years, but I’ve worked at dozens of jobs and done some crazy things you can’t possibly imagine.   The details are on my “About Me” pages.

I recently trained with Dr Valerie Young to become a “Profiting from Your Passions” Certified Career Coach.   And my job history—combined with my excellent training and poetic mindset—gives me the ideal background to help you figure out ways to make a living by doing what you love.

Greetings!  I’m Tim Grover, Livelihood Brainstormer & Career Optioneer.                                          I own a little company in Des Moines called Changing Life Bulbs.2014PFYPCoachBanner                                   003