Working with Me

First of all, what I offer isn’t for everyone.

Some people are content being steadily employed, with a predictable work pattern and an outlined career path.  I’m grateful that someone can handle my insurance claim, delivers my Christmas packages, and comes to my house if my furnace conks out.  And there’s nothing wrong with jobs like that.  I’m thankful that my wife has worked at her hospital job for over 30 years, which has provided steady income and benefits during my turbulent career path.  If this describes you and the environment you’d like to remain in, I’m not going to be much help.

I’m also not a traditional job coach.

If you’re tired of selling cars, I’m not going to convince you try insurance sales.  Especially if you’re sick of selling!   And if you need a conventional job and immediate income, I’m not the guy to talk to.  There are some excellent traditional career coaches I can personally recommend if that’s the help you need.   Also, whatever income you generate from any ideas we discuss will be entirely dependent upon your efforts–and may take a little while.

Think of me as your brainstormer…

Here’s an example of the stuff I do.  Crystal shared with me that she had a background as a massage therapist, but didn’t care to go back to doing that.  She also loved pets, especially dogs.  And she wanted to work from home with a flexible, independent schedule.

I told her to consider doing pet massages for upscale resorts and hotels.  She lives in Colorado near a tourist area—and loved the idea!

I work best with clients who…

  • Are creative, open-minded, and independent.
  • Have been in the regular workforce awhile and want something different.
  • Find the idea of stunted self-development more painful that the risk of trying something new (and maybe even failing).
  • Work hard and have an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Have a variety of interests, need some guidelines in how to pursue them, and realize that following dreams is an important part of their legacy.
  • Have a healthy self-image and a gentle sense of humor—class clowns are welcome!

Client testimonials: 

     “Tim is a delightful person who speaks with enthusiasm, warmth and humor. He is considerate, respectful in his correspondence, and is a great listener. This session was non-judgmental and a very positive experience. 

     The attention to detail is exceptional and relevant due to the prior assignment work completed by the client. This is such a difference from career counseling that only takes the view of ‘whatever it takes to get a JOB,’ instead of discussing what you love to do and going from there.

     The most helpful aspect was Tim’s ability to think laterally, particularly with suggestions I had never thought of previously.  He has a great manner for relating to other people who are at career crossroads, and it was good to have feedback from someone with an awareness of multiple income streams. 

     The session gives one plenty of time to discuss potential career paths, where we ultimately aim to be our own boss and become financially self-sufficient!  I look forward to putting these plans into action.  This was a really positive and professionally liberating experience for me.   You are a great consultant!”

— Susan Byrne|Victoria, Australia

     “This consultation helped me carve out the time I needed to commit to taking the first few steps to create the life I want to live. The process was concrete while also creative.   

      Tim is an excellent listener, and listens with his head as well as his heart.  I knew he was completely focused during our work together.  Tim’s enthusiasm for this process is infectious and evident by his 100% commitment. His smiling voice is a real strength.

     He took me and my ideas seriously while keeping the conversation fun. He never made me feel embarrassed by my responses. I highly recommend working with Tim Grover.”    

–Lisa J Greenberg|New York, New York

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